Facebook Messenger Update: Recurring Messages

The recurring notification feature allows businesses to re-engage with their customers after 24 hours, with permission, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis!!!

How to set it up? 

  1. Go to your Manychat account
  2. You go to Settings
  3. Select Messenger
  4. Then select Manage Notification Topics
  5. You create the topic name and select the frequency.

Should look like this 👇

Benefits of the Recurring Notification 

  • Send time-sensitive marketing campaigns
  • Create drip campaigns
  • Follow-up with your customers after the conversation has ended

Best Practices 

  • You must get the subscriber opt-in to be notified after 24 hours. They also have the opportunity to opt-out at any time.
  • You must stay on topic. You can use an OTN that’s about an order update to promote a flash sale. You will get in trouble.
  • When sending more than one opt-in request, each opt-in request should clearly state the different, specific types of Recurring Notifications the user can expect to receive.

What’s the catch? 

In Facebook’s words ” Recurring Notifications is a new, optional premium feature that we intend to charge businesses for in the future. It is currently available to all businesses using Messenger Platform as part of a free trial period…”

So always make sure that you collect those emails and phone numbers.

You can read more by clicking here