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Who we work with?

We work with eCommerce businesses and Amazon Brands and  help them grow their business through powerful and personalized messaging.

If you want to have a strong online presence, then you need to be using Messenger Marketing and Facebook advertising. It’s a powerful and effective marketing tool that is used by the most successful companies. 

That’s where we come into play. We use our chatbot marketing software combined with Facebook ads for maximum effectiveness and efficiency on your behalf. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get more customers through your door!

Who are we?

Hey there, I’m Jocelin.  Nice to meet you 👋

When I first heard about  Messenger Chat Marketing, it sounded interesting. To think that you can answer several messages at the same time without spending all day on the Facebook Page inbox and provide 24/7 customer service was now possible.  I just had to go and check it out. I built my first Messenger chatbot and saw how powerful this tool can be.

I follow this path and I became a Messenger Marketing expert and built a team where we can help our clients use the full power of Chat Marketing so they can get more leads, sales, reviews, and customer loyalty 

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Our Services

Automated Amazon Ranking Campaigns

ManyChat and Facebook are powerful tools for launching your Amazon campaign. With the help of our automated rebate flow, you can launch a successful campaign!

Manychat Messenger Bot

We create custom Messenger Bots that meet your specific needs and give you an omnichannel presence where your customer can connect with you via messenger, email, SMS, Instagram, and soon WhatsApp

Landing Pages

Educating your potential customers about a product before driving them to the listing is one of the best ways to send qualified traffic. Resulting in higher conversions and ranking. You can also collect email addresses by providing promo codes that they're interested in receiving with their purchase or offering other incentives

Product Insert Card

The perfect way to put your best foot forward in front of your clients and create a glowing-review-worthy experience for them when they buy from you.

1:1 Hourly Consulting

Need help with a specific chatbot issue or want to learn how to build your chatbot? Our One-on-One Consulting can help you get results quicker.

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